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Leading Online Healthcare Services in Malaysia

When the pandemic hit, many in Malaysia were not able to access the healthcare system. With overflowing COVID-19 patients and rising cases each day, many are stuck at home without any kind of quality healthcare or medical help.

Being a part of the leading booking system provider, QueueMed has always played an integral part in the healthcare system, providing assistance and complementing MOH in bridging community and healthcare providers. Addressing the challenges head-on, a group of enthusiastic healthcare professionals came together and provided the solution by delivering personalised, accessible care directly to patients’ doorstep. Hence, QM Care was born!

You can now book your doctors and Klinik Kesihatan appointments online with QM Care by QMed Asia. Whether its for your health screenings, HIV tests, neutralising antibody tests, influenza shots and regular vaccinations, you can simply book online with us today.

Kami Prihatin Untuk Anda

Recognised by the Ministry of Health (MOH), we also offer COVID-19 test services by well-trained healthcare professionals. Therefore, it is of utmost importance that our clients are well taken care of during the entire testing journey. Our perkhidmatan pemeriksaan kesihatan juga direka untuk korporat dan eksekutif pelaporan oleh doktor kesihatan pekerjaan bertauliah dan perkhidmatan nilai tambah seperti pengurusan tempat kerja untuk mencegah atau mengendalikan kluster COVID-19.Sama ada untuk anda pemeriksaan kesihatan asas, ujian darah, pemeriksaan kesihatan penuh, vaksin influenza dan COVID-19, find hospitals or Klinik Kesihatan near you and book your temujanji doktor dalam talian bersama kami. Dan untuk kekal di hadapan, kami sentiasa menawarkan promosi dan harga terbaik untuk ujian darah kami dan pakej pemeriksaan kesihatan di Malaysia.


A team of professional doctors and nurses who are experienced in providing on-site clinical services.


Patuhi garis panduan daripada Kementerian Kesihatan (KKM) untuk meminimumkan risiko pendedahan semasa saringan.

Boleh dipercayai

Laporan disediakan oleh doktor bertauliah untuk individu dan korporat selepas ujian swab

Misi kami

Kami berjanji a lebih pantas, lebih selamat & boleh dipercayai perkhidmatan penjagaan kesihatan untuk anda dan orang tersayang.

Visi kami

Membuat kualiti jaga boleh diakses dan mampu dimiliki oleh semua orang

Nilai kami

Berteraskan klinikal.
Berikan penyelesaian bukan alasan.
Jadilah serba boleh.


The QM CARE team comprises dedicated, kind and fun individuals with a united sense of purpose to achieve a clear, specific goal: putting patients first. All team members contribute to achieving goals based on each of their vast knowledge & skillful expertise. So rest assured, you will be well taken care of when you are with QM CARE.