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Did you know that even during these unprecedented times of the COVID-19 pandemic, according to chief statistician Mohd Uzir Mahidin, heart disease remains the principal cause of death in Malaysia? 

Heart disease has increased from 11.6% of all medically certified deaths in 2000 to 17% in 2020, the principal cause of death in Malaysia for the past two decades. Further reported in a local media outlet on the causes of death in the country, Uzir said 18,515 deaths due to ischaemic heart disease in 2020 – 12,707 (68.6%) for males 5,808 (31.4%) for females. 

It is the leading cause of death for those aged between 41 and 59 (20%) and 60 years and above (18%). Heart disease also remains the principal cause of death for all the major ethnic groups – 16.6% for Bumiputeras, 16% for Chinese and 22.8% for Indians.

Pneumonia was the second-highest cause of death at 11.4%, followed by cerebrovascular disease (8.3%), transport accidents (3.8%) and malignant neoplasm of trachea, bronchus and lung (2.9%).

For some diseases, by the time symptoms appear, the condition may be harder to treat or cure. Statistics shared by the Department of Statistics Malaysia’s chief statistician also stated that deaths caused by cancer had spiked to 15.5% in 2020, from 11.6% in 2000. 

What Is Health Screening?


Health screening tests can help find diseases early before symptoms occur. A disease detected earlier can often be treated more effectively or even cured. When you undergo a physical examination where your biophysical measurements (height, weight, body mass index, visual acuity, colour vision) are noted, and blood and urine investigations are performed by your doctor, basic health screening. In comparison, comprehensive screening or a full medical check-up involves blood testing to screen for more severe conditions such as thyroid hormone levels, cancer markers, sexually transmitted diseases, Hepatitis A and B screening and ABO blood group.

Do you have any ideas about what tests you should undergo? Don’t worry; we will guide you in this post!

We will divide it into two categories, Blood Investigations and Other Investigations.

Blood Investigations

The standard tests you need to do includes, first and foremost, the Full Blood Count (FBC), where you can detect any abnormalities in your blood cells, haemoglobin, and platelet count. Another test is the Serum Creatinine Level, where you can notice whether your kidneys are working or not. Serum electrolyte is another test where you can detect abnormalities in your sodium and potassium level. A liver function test is also significant, especially if you consume alcohol.

ESR or Electrolytes Sediment Rate is another investigation, especially if you live in a tropical country where tuberculosis is common. It is also used to diagnose other diseases like cancers and conditions like multiple myeloma.

Many more blood tests can be done as routine investigations, but those are not entirely necessary if you are young. For example, they are special to screen for bowel, liver, and ovarian cancers. 

As the saying goes, don’t schedule your medical check-up in the nick of time. Instead, book your health screening near you now! Whether you are nearby Kuala Lumpur, such as Cheras, Kajang, Putrajaya or in other states, including Johor, Selangor, Perak, or Penang, you can book your health screening with QM Care today. Contact us, and we will get you screened accordingly.

Other Investigations

Most of them are related to the heart; one fundamental investigation is the electrocardiogram (ECG), a simple test that can check your heart’s rhythm and electrical activity, any abnormal pattern in your heart, and any past heart attacks, among others. 

Another important test is an echocardiogram which scans your heart, letting doctors know whether your heart is functioning perfectly. In addition, there is another trending investigation among the young population. It is known as an exercise ECG, or treadmill test, where you will be attached to a monitor using some ECG leads that are pasted into your chest and asked to walk on a treadmill for some time. The speed and incline will be increased gradually, and doctors will be monitoring your heart during this test. If they detect any abnormalities, they recommend you go for the tests. QM Care by QueueMed Malaysia recommends various health screening packages and promotions in 2021, depending on your age. Once you have booked your health screening appointments online near you, you can discuss which health screening tests may be suitable for you with the doctor.